A strong Bora wind sweeps over the Karst and into the Brkini region, blowing away the clouds at any time of the year. In the small town of Kozina we’ve built a stop where even the strongest wind doesn’t drive away our faitful guests, as they keep coming back to indulge in the nostalgia of the good old days in Yugoslavia, when we used to enjoy the delicacies of the Balkans together, like brothers. Here we preserve the tradition of čevapčiči (Balkan sausages), lepinje (Balkan flatbread), roasted peppers, kaymak, ajvar (roasted red pepper relish) and other fine delicacies of Balkan cuisine. We’ve blended the worlds of different nations from the former common state and created Na burji, where the traditional Leskovac grill is the drill.

Istrska ulica 38, 6240 Kozina, Slovenia, ✆+38670277277